Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Woman New Lifestyle

I have ALWAYS wanted to kayak - in Idaho it was hard-core whitewater folks - ugh - I went rafting down the Payette once and hit a hole in the rapids 8 feet over and that did it for me -
I want the nice quiet tooling around birdwatching, camping type stuff -

Does anyone know if I can buy a touring kayak that will work both on the river and sea (if I can get over my fear of sharks!)

I have been looking at kayaks and would like some local info before I go to the store -

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Information Requested

I am interested in watching more football next season.
More NFL games (ie all Packers and Chargers games) and I would like to watch some college games as well.
I would like some folks to recommend the best way to get started.
Whether it's NFL Network or ESPN yada yada - a satellite or big screen.
I don't know where to begin - I need to upgrade from a 4" b&w to start!!!!

It's hard to bear the season when it is over - does anyone else feel my pain?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Power Rankings

I have been reading the message boards and the majority of the folks have next years playoff rankings basically the same as this years with a few minor adjustments -
I hate to tell these guys but there are going to be several teams that will shoot those rankings out of the water.

These are my surprise teams:

Green Bay Packers (the biggest surprise)
San Franscisco 49ers
Tennessee Titans
Jacksonville Jags
Denver Broncos
Arizona Cardinals (new coaches)

These teams fall by the wayside 2007 -

Philadelphia Eagles
Seattle Seahawks
Baltimore Ravens (what happened to the O?)
New Orleans Saints
Pittsburgh Steelers (coach changes)
San Diego Chargers (unfortunate GM problems)
Cincinnati Bengals
Kansas City Chiefs

Another SB for the Colts? - you got to be kidding - I predict "maybe" 1 playoff game - they are going to lose some key players -

I would be curious to hear other folks predictions -

I mean I'll probably end up being way off base but it's fun anyway----

Go Packers! Go Jags!

I have always been a huge Packer Fan! Since the Bart Starr and Donnie Anderson days!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What were the Chargers thinking?

I think their timing was terrible - poor Marty - I bet they end up with Norv Turner - good luck getting a playoff spot next year!

Oh - and would someone please explain the draft to me?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Chicago Bears and Beer Brats

It will be Superbowl Sunday at our house this weekend as we watch the BIG GAME on our 4" b&w tv.
To celebrate the Bears we have on the menu Brats with all the trimmings.
I hope the Bears win. Indy is the clear favorite. Grossman has been so ripped on by the media all season that I hope he has an incredible performance - he could you know!
I like underdogs! It seems that in all of the playoff games the underdog only won once and that was the Balt/Indy game - (I think this is correct) -
I can't stand Indy - from Polian - to the "piped-in" crown noise - to the thermostat being cranked up to 85 degrees in the Pats game - to the ref's and favored play calls !!!!!! oh and plus I am sick of the Manning commercials -
I like the Bears - they are a good old fashioned team from a blue collar city -
So cheers - and good luck to 'Da Bears'

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sileni/Lunacy by Jan Svankmajer

I have been obsessed with Svankmajer's films for a couple of years - since I saw Faust -
I just received it Monday after putting my name on a list at Zeitgeist to have it as soon as it became available in the U.S.

Tuesday it was so cold and dreary and I was already depressed about my art projects when I decided to take to the bed and watch it - I was going to wait until Friday night to watch it with Manfred - but I didn't - it was better to have watched this one alone -

It was a cross between Poe and deSade - well, I studied alot of deSade in college and also created some art pieces with his inspiration so I knew what I would be "in-for"!!!! Poe wasn't used much in the movie at all except for the idea of the premature burial -

The movie had a worse influence on me than any other I have ever seen - I have been very SAD - for days -

The premise to me is that "ART IS DEAD/ART IS SHIT" -

I know that - but it is still nice to have a Utopian vision -

Once art became a commodity - (thanks to Warhol with his Wal-Mart notion) - that was the end - it has been going downhill since the '60's!!!!!

Svankmajer is extrememly political and very rebellious - I relate to his ideas and views very much -
I am sad that he also lost is creative director and life-long partner Eva - she was such a heavy influence on his films and I think she did the majority of the parts I like best in his films (the book in Otik, the card game in Lunacy, etc)

I am sad because this movie was so final - I feel that it was his way of saying "this is what the audience wants - this is what they get ---- SHIT----THE END----- I am sad because I don't think he will do another film - he doesn't like creating mainstream art to get distribution - I wouldn't either -

It will take some time before the effect wears off - I prefer emotional movies - this one, left no evidence of hope - usually that doesn't bother me - but this one does because it is about art -

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Boy did I mess up!!!

Gosh - wild card weekend I went 4 - 0 - divisional weekend I was 1 -3!!!!
I figured there would be major upsets - I was wrong !!!!

I am burned out!!!! Too much football! If it weren't for Tom Brady I would stop now - the chance of watching him play 1 more game!

Okay, so now the feel-good SB - Colts vs. Saints cuz "Daddy" went there?
That's sickening - it's all media hype - so how do they fix these games - with media pounding?
Apparently the media hates Chicago - been there - they hate Jax too!!!

It's all about Glamour -